Spatial Analysis
Discover and utilise spatial relationships to open analytical opportunities
Data Management
Interrogate and manage all aspects of your data. Find patterns, resolve conflicts, streamline and value add to existing corporate data
Site Disturbance Auditing and Reporting
Assess every part of your project and site footprint for regulatory reporting and save you money with careful categorisation
Custom Mapping
Produce mapping that suits the visual requirements of your reporting obligations and specific standards
Geomorphic Landform Design
Create functional landforms for mine closure and rehabilitation of abandoned and disturbed sites


Since 2008 Naturally Spatial has produced exemplary GIS results for significant industry clients including mining, government, natural resource managers, research teams and other consultancies.  

We rigorously manage GIS data, support site analysis and field surveys for impact statements, perform 3D data analysis and produce cutting edge functional landform designs.

Naturally Spatial is directly solving real-world problems and improving mine closure rehabilitation using best practice methods. By employing Natural Regrade with GeoFluv, Naturally Spatial has progressed to be at the forefront of international efforts to rehabilitate mines and other disturbed sites.

For the past 20 years, a geomorphic approach to landform design has become the 'gold standard' when rehabilitating current and abandoned sites around the world. That international success is now being recognised and applied in Australia and by Naturally Spatial.


Our reputation is built on a history of delivering exceptional quality and realistic solutions, always with an eye for detail.

With passion we do make a difference.